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KnowledgeHound features the first “Search Driven Analytics” platform designed specifically for customer insights so you can instantly find the exact answers you need when it matters most.


Turn your customer data into a source of information that can continually adapt to help solve ongoing business challenges. KnowledgeHound’s intuitive visualization engine allows anyone to create charts and tables on the fly so your customer data can be used to influence more decisions.


Combine customer data and insights from multiple sources to tell a compelling story. Identify trends, find new insights, or enhance your new study results with existing data. KnowledgeHound gives you the tools to easily share and present a story to inspire others in your organization to act.

We’re helping the world’s leading organizations activate their research.

“KnowledgeHound has greatly improved our way of searching for data vs. the old process. It just saves me time and stress to know I can easily get the leaders of our company what they need.”

Associate Director of Insights - Fortune 500 CPG Company

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