VP of Sales

Chicago, IL

Our Story

We exist to help the world better understand people through data. Our mission is to transform how data is used to discover new insights and empower human driven decisions.

KnowledgeHound is changing the game as to how companies (some clients include Procter & Gamble, Clorox and Weber) ingest, save and recycle their market research. We work in the market research industry which is full of antiquated tools that make it difficult to access and use important data. Our aim is to use modern technology along with wide range of relevant data to make it easy to research market behavior and to provide valuable insights for our customers.

We are just over 3 years old and have a working product with paying customers and a steady revenue stream. Procter and Gamble, Whirlpool, and Weber are just some of our Fortune 500 clients with many more to come. We recently closed a $3M round of funding and are rapidly expanding.

Our team, located in Chicago, is small yet mighty. This gives you a unique opportunity to make an immediate impact and to get involved and influence all aspects of the business. If you don't shy away from tough, but rewarding, challenges - let’s chat!


KnowledgeHound is looking for a strong sales leader with excellent coaching and managing experience to lead KnowledgeHound into the next phase of growth for the company. This individual will have successfully led teams that sold software into Fortune 100 companies at an early stage business. They understand how to navigate and execute complex deals ($200K+ in ARR) with a proven track record of exceeding sales quotas. They are willing to roll up their sleeves and dig in at the same time have a desire to manage and coach a sales team which will report to this position. They will report directly to the CEO and will be a part of the executive team.

Ideal Candidate Characteristics
  • Successfully led and coached sales teams that sold software in an early stage company. ($1 million in ARR - $15 million in ARR)
  • 5+ Years of Proven quota carrying software Enterprise Sales Experience ($250K+ deal size)
  • Experience selling into CMO’s or VP level.
  • Experience managing complex sales cycle from business champion through C Level with unclear decision processes.
  • Proven track record of over-achieving quota (top 10-20% of company) in past positions.
  • Experienced in aligning multiple stakeholders inside an organization to get a deal done.
  • Understands how to create an urgency among buyers to buy now, not later.
  • Has a consultative sales approach.
  • Understands Salesforce and how to leverage reporting to track company progress and motivate and manage a sales team.
  • Chicago location required.

Will we be the right fit for you? Below are the values in which we operate. Matching values will be a critical element to the candidate’s success and happiness in this role.

Our Values
  • Customer obsessed - Our customers are more than just a sales figure. We value those who treat our customers like the dynamic, wonderful people they are and obsess over every interaction we have with them.
  • Live passionately - We are a company of individuals who want to take advantage of all that life has to offer. We value people who dare to do more than collect a paycheck, who bring their life experiences to the table, and who know how to stay balanced to maximize productivity at work and at home over the long term.
  • Own it - At KnowledgeHound, ownership goes beyond your specific role or title. We value those who exhibit the willingness, autonomy, and discipline to pick up a problem and courageously tackle it head on.
  • Team first - We always approach our success and failures as a team. We value those who remain humble and respectful for other people and exhibit a willingness to put the team above their own self interest.
  • Create, innovate, disrupt - As a company that is on a mission to change the way people think about data, we value those who push themselves to approach challenges creatively. We want disruptors and innovators that aren’t afraid to challenge the status-quo.
  • Biased to action - We value those who don’t give in to "analysis paralysis" and who focus on moving and delivering fast. We are not afraid to fail and we put pragmatism ahead of unneeded formality.
  • Be extraordinary - Going above and beyond is a normal way of life for us at KnowledgeHound. We value people who always strive to amaze colleagues and customers by delivering above and beyond expectations, who continuously seek to get better at everything they do, and who exhibit integrity in all their endeavors.
Why work for us?

Because the team is incredible. A-players on tech, design and business side. We don’t let organization structure, politics or processes prevent us from innovating and bringing what is right to the user, quickly.

Because we have built a great product. Our design and engineering is head and shoulders better than our competitors and we work with the latest technologies.

Because it’s the perfect time. We have Fortune 500 companies as our clients, serious revenue and investment. We are small enough for you to make a BIG impact and really be a driving force behind this company’s explosive and disruptive growth.

Because we are disruptive. We are innovative thinkers breaking into the market research world, a market that has been waiting for the right minds to come and shake it up. We are fundamentally changing the market research industry.

Have what it takes?

Because the team is incredible. A-players on tech, design and business side. We don’t let organization structure, politics or processes prevent us from innovating and bringing what is right to the user, quickly.

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