By connecting people with the data and insight they actually need, we help your company:

Save Money

Never again will your employees waste money repeating the same market research studies. With KnowledgeHound's simple data organization solutions, they’ll have all of your company’s data at their fingertips.

Save Time

On average, Consumer Insights Managers waste 85 hours per year looking for data or insights. With all of your company’s data just a click away, your employees can spend more time turning data into business results and impact.

Achieve More

Allow Consumer Insights to share information across business units, geographies, and with multifunctional business partners to enable bigger and broader business impact.

How do we work with you?


1. Assess

First you'll receive a free assessment where we analyze your current data storage practices. Based on your current practices we then devise a plan to effectively collect all your important research data.


2. Build a Program

After the assessment, we build a custom API Program to effectively communicate and transfer documents from your system into our secure database.


3. Import your Data

Using our proprietary importer, we use the API to securely import your data and insight summaries into our protected database.


4. Delivery

After your data and insight summaries have been loaded into our system we deliver your very own private website your teams can use to effectively and efficiently search through all of your market research - in one unified location.


5. Update & Support

Our relationship doesn't just stop there. After delivery we setup an on-going, sustainable and repeatable upload process so your database is kept up-to-date in real time. We provide on-going support and a tracking tool that allows you to see your usage statistic making ROI calculations transparent and easy.

Interested in how KnowledgeHound can help your business?

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