Survey data management made easy.

Get valuable, data-backed answers from your existing customer data in seconds, not days or weeks.

We are the world’s first and only search-based solution for survey data management.

Think Google search for survey data coupled with a powerful yet approachable analytics experience for research teams of all shapes and sizes.

Built to maximize the value of existing survey data. Integrate into your existing knowledge management system, eliminate silos, interpret, and collaborate with survey data more effectively than ever.

How KnowledgeHound works.

Extract rapid, reliable insights while saving time and money. Our powerful search-driven data analytics solutions allow you to search all of your survey data across disparate sources in seconds.

It’s time to claim your share of the customer data gold mine!

Discover how to get more from your existing reserves.

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data analysis solution

Discoverable insights with powerful analytics.

Tackle your complex survey data analysis with ease. No advanced training or analysis experience is required. Our user-friendly technology and the expertise of our client success team makes integrating KnowledgeHound with your existing knowledge management ecosystem a breeze.

data analysis solution

Maximize the value of your data with our data discovery solution.

We have helped countless Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies gain useful insight from the studies already in their arsenal. KnowledgeHound makes sifting through your raw survey data simple and dynamic.

data analysis solution

Make more informed marketing decisions.

When survey data visualization is easy, teams are able to make quicker and more informed decisions on behalf of their target consumers. Build a stronger brand today with KnowledgeHound’s easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate survey data visualization experience.

Data Democratization

Share insight with everyone on your team.

Take the last bit of resistance out of your data analysis process. Share survey data easily across departments and teams while protecting participants’ sensitive information. KnowledgeHound’s data democratization capabilities makes it possible to collaborate more effectively and eliminate information silos.

whirlpool case study
Case Study


How Whirlpool connects everyone to data-driven answers buried inside their customer research and survey data.

Case Study

Climate Corporation

How Climate Corporation’s small but mighty insights team makes a BIG impact with customer data by using KnowledgeHound’s data discovery platform.

Fandango case study
Case Study


How Fandango’s Insights Team uses Qualtrics for the majority of their primary research.

Case Study


Amplify Insights, Maximize Budget & Increase Speed To Action In Ad Sales Arena.

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