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We exist to unlock the enormous potential trapped inside every organization’s data.

Our Founder’s Story

While working on P&G’s insights team, Kristi Zuhlke, KnowledgeHound’s founder, was asked what percentage of men shave in the shower. After days of compiling and analyzing data from various survey data sources and back and forth with vendors, she had her answer. However, it was too late – in the days it took her to arrive at the answer, the team was forced to make a consumer decision based on gut instead of the valuable and expensive data they already owned. At that moment, she realized the Insights function would be become irrelevant if it couldn’t move at the speed of the business, and the idea for KnowledgeHound was formed.

Kristi investigated the marketplace to see what solutions existed, only to find nothing. The market was in need, and there is no one better to create a solution for a need than someone who once lived the pain, and it was from that pain that KnowledgeHound was born.

Our Mission

It should not take days, weeks, or months to get to answers about your target market. Our mission is to cure corporate amnesia and give companies real time insights so they can make better, faster business decisions.

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KnowledgeHound’s powerful market research technology connects and transforms structured data from disparate systems into actionable insights in minutes. Fortune 500 companies rely on our search-based survey management solution and analytics engine to get more out of existing survey research, enabling customer-focused decisions on the fly and maximizing the impact and lifetime value of your most expensive and often hard-to-leverage consumer data.