Making Survey Data Analysis Approachable for Agile Teams

Research and insights teams come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why approachability is at the forefront of our data analytics experience, so any research team can sift through survey data analytics and share their findings with ease.


Ditch the dirty work

From the minute your survey research is completed, we take over the formatting, standardization and importing. Your dedicated client success team will partner with you through every step of the data discovery process, from consumer challenge identification to insights-derived inspiration.

Our goal is to empower everyone on your team to be a thought leader.

KnowledgeHound Gives Everyone on Your Team The Power of an Experienced Researcher

You shouldn’t have to be a statistician to interpret survey data. Shareholders, marketers, and researchers should all have the same access and understanding of their consumer’s quantitative data, no matter their research experience, to ensure the greatest collaboration across teams.

That’s where KnowledgeHound comes in. As a leader in survey database standardization, your company’s valuable quantitative data becomes accessible and easy to interpret by everyone in your organization – regardless of their research background. .

Effortlessly add and remove variables for data comparisons. Handle smaller segmentations with accuracy with automatic nesting. We built our new analysis experience to stand up against the increasingly diverse world of market research and the multifaceted researcher.

Survey Database Standardization With Easy On-Boarding

Marketers and researchers are busy people. That’s why when we created KnowledgeHound, we wanted our data transformation tool to be easy to use and easy to learn. No advanced training is required and we’ve cut out the complicated on-boarding process that can hinder research.

With user-friendly technology and an expert client success team, integrating KnowledgeHound with your existing knowledge ecosystem is quick and easy. From the minute your research is complete, we’ll assist with the formatting, standardization, and importing of your survey data.

From there, your dedicated client success team will partner with you through every step of the data discovery process – from consumer challenge identification to insights-derived inspiration.

A Data Transformation Tool That Creates Comparisons With One Click

Our goal is to make everyone on your team a thought-leader in survey data analytics. Connect dots across data sets, collaborate more effectively as a team, and lead great marketing initiatives with KnowledgeHound.

It’s ok if your analysis process is imperfect or you’re making the most of incomplete studies and trackers – KnowledgeHound’s advanced analysis features make it possible to run 10 million comparisons seamlessly in seconds. We’ll detect overlaps and consistencies in your raw survey data to give you the full picture of your quantitative research efforts.

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Comparisons and connections with one click

Connect the dots across your data. Whether you are working with incomplete segmentation studies or fielding multiple trackers over time, our solution finds overlaps and consistencies.

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Create up to 10 million comparisons seamlessly in seconds

You’ll no longer waste time running manual comparisons because our advanced analysis features lets you work across multiple chart types with accuracy and ease.

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