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5 Reasons Why You Will Love Our New Rapid Reports

By April 1, 2022July 14th, 2023No Comments
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Do you love partnering with KnowledgeHound? Do you wonder what you did before KnowledgeHound given how much time we save you and your team? Here are 5 reasons why you will love KnowledgeHound and our new Rapid Reports product feature even more. Yes, EVEN MORE!!!

1) Rapid Reports is the most sought-after product release over the past 18months. Rapid Reports provides an intuitive way to generate reports with just a few clicks.

2) Buried in data? Stuck in excel? Need to know where to even start digging? You will quickly uncover the right actionable insights with this new product feature.

3) Designed to fit into your existing workflow, Rapid Reports gives you fully cross-tabbed reports of entire datasets or a particular visualization of a slice of data, allowing you to look comprehensively across your data or zoom in on particular questions to answer as few or as many questions as needed.

4) Tired of waiting for your suppliers to get you data books, banner books or cross tabs? No need to wait! Analyze enormous datasets in real-time with KnowledgeHound’s NEW Rapid Reports!

5) Is it just us or does sharing new insights always lead to more questions? Let us help you “wow” the crowd. With Rapid Reports, stakeholders can uncover major differences in a study’s responses across demographics or other report variables in just a few clicks.

“I’ve been with KnowledgeHound since the very beginning with our founder, Kristi Zuhlke. We started this company nine years ago working out of a coffee shop and my Chicago studio,” said Joe Razza, founding team member and VP of product & design. “Working faster and more efficiently than the status quo is one of the biggest opportunities we have as a technology. The Product Team has several clients in beta to ensure this meets the day-to-day needs of your key stakeholders. Rapid Reports can be as simple or sophisticated as you need, depending on what you’re looking to understand. Insights teams can analyze dozens of variables in minutes, which is 10x faster than it would take using our current features.”

Read our full press release here.   Give KnowledgeHound a shout today to get a demo of Rapid Reports. It’s guaranteed to change how you surface insights within your organization and “wow” your leadership team.