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Announcing Our New Qualtrics Integration

By May 31, 2019July 14th, 2023No Comments
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The Big News

There are a lot of pairs in this world that are better together. Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, chips and salsa (apologies for all of the food references if you haven’t had lunch yet ?). But the KnowledgeHound team is excited to officially add KnowledgeHound and Qualtrics to your list of all-time-favorite dynamic duos!

With our newest Qualtrics integration, anyone can find the insights needed to advance your business – fast. To cut to the chase and learn more from our team, schedule a demo now or read on to learn more about exactly how the integration can help transform your Qualtrics data into decisions.‍

The Top 3 Benefits

Control and Share Insights More Easily

The Problem: Your organization has a wealth of customer knowledge from Qualtrics as well as a variety of other sources. So much knowledge and data that it’s difficult to share quickly and in a user-friendly manner. There’s a risk associated with granting access to Qualtrics, where the surveys are managed.

KnowledgeHound’s Solution: When all of your research data (including data from Qualtrics) lives in the KnowledgeHound platform, you can create interactive, dynamic dashboards, charts and tables to share with anyone in your organization via a URL link or a native export to PowerPoint. And with a user-friendly interface and unlimited users, you enable others to be self-serving with Qualtrics data, finding answers on their own while you focus on what the next big thing is!‍

Eliminate Silos by Integrating Other Research Alongside Qualtrics Data

The Problem: Your DIY qualtrics data is valuable and contains incredible information about your customers. But so does your third party vendor research data. You need to see all of this information side by side. Better yet, you need to be able to combine this data together to discover hidden trends and new connections. But how can you combine everything in one place so that it’s easy to explore and create new insights from? How do you make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks?

KnowledgeHound’s Solution: The KnowledgeHound/Qualtrics integrations provides your team with a centralized insights hub for all of your disparate sets of research data. Organize and analyze data from Qualtrics right alongside data from a variety of other research efforts to maximize the value of all your studies.

Find Answers More Quickly from Your Data

The Problem: You have a lot of data and no time to dig through it. You need a faster, easier way to tap into all of it. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something like a Google search that you could layer across all of your survey data, including Qualtrics survey data?

KnowledgeHound’s Solution: KnowledgeHound layers a search engine on top of all of your survey data. With the new integration, your selected Qualtrics surveys can be quickly searched across alongside all of your other sets of survey data. No longer do you need to spend countless hours searching through each survey project to find that one data point you need. Instead, simply type in your search and get the answer!

How it Works

You might be thinking to yourself, that’s all great but how are you going to make this happen? It’s as easy as a 3-step process and you’re in charge.

What’s Next?

If you’re a Qualtrics user who is looking for a better way to help anyone discover insights from your data quickly and efficiently, then we should talk. Schedule a meeting today to learn more about our integration and how we can help integrate your Qualtrics information and send you on your way from data to decisions!