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Data Analysis Tools Review: Functionality within Rapid Reports

By December 12, 2023January 18th, 2024No Comments

Primary research is expensive. Fielding a study alone takes time, but even when that is done, there is data optimization to complete, and then the effort begins to understand what the output means for better business impact. Insights professionals need an easy way to make sense of their survey data – efficiently and expertly.

Delivering Speed and Accuracy in Insights

We’re the world’s only search driven analytics solution for survey data and Rapid Reports is one of the many data analysis tools in our platform that brings survey data to life quickly. This feature is designed to fit into your existing workflow whether you need full crosstabs or wish to zoom in on a particular visualization of your data. Rapid Reports can be as simple or sophisticated as you need, depending on what you’re looking to understand. Insights teams can analyze dozens of variables in minutes, which is 10x faster than it would take using previous systems or processes.

Over time, we’ve added more functionality and continue to improve how we deliver speed and accuracy for insights teams. By leveraging AI-driven understanding of survey data, this function creates a simple readout of notable key learnings from the given dataset automatically. This feature alone saves insights teams valuable time understanding compelling trends, data points and new ways to democratize the data so it can more quickly inform key business decisions. 

At KnowledgeHound, our mission is never done. We’d love to show you around the full suite of Rapid Reports. You can see for yourself why so many brands are revolutionizing the way they get more from their most valuable asset – existing first-party survey data. 

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