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Fandango Transformed Into Insights Explorers

By February 8, 2022July 14th, 2023No Comments
Fandango case study


Fandango’s Insights Team uses Qualtrics for the majority of their primary research. The problem they ran into with this was that there was no way to enable their stakeholders with self-service access to available data and analytics that lived within Qualtrics.

This resulted in countless hours wasted building and sharing decks that only resulted in more and more questions.

With KnowledgeHound, all of their Qualtrics data is automatically pushed into their KnowledgeHound portal via our Qualtrics integration. 

From here, the insights team is able to build out dynamic visualizations and dashboards that are easily shared across the organization. Their ad sales, marketing, and business intelligence stakeholders love the ease, efficiency, and self-service that KnowledgeHound enables.

By The Numbers

  • 33% of the company is accessing KnowledgeHound for data
  • 75% of users have accessed the portal to answer multiple questions
  • New study alerts have seen a 46% engagement rate among users

People here really love KnowledgeHound. Even if people don’t know how to look at the research, the insights team throws things together in a story and sends them a link.”