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Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

By July 1, 2023September 12th, 2023No Comments
implementing ai technology that enhances workflow efficiency

Business moves fast. Stakeholders ask for key insights to make decisions today which shape the company’s outlook tomorrow. Forward-thinking enterprise companies are always looking for ways to use technology to increase efficiency around data analysis tools so key members of the team are freed up for their best thinking and critical analysis of challenges.

But so many technologies require a significant learning curve for users along with a substantial upfront investment of time, resources, and effort for integration. The dream for enterprise technology solution buyers is to find a system that will not only integrate legacy technologies and existing data analytics platforms for market research analysis but will also fit into the workflow of existing teams. Finding insights technology that accomplishes both is the path to achieving bottom-line results and enhanced team performance as a winning combination. 

The Pitfalls of Disruptive Technology

Introducing disruptive technology into a well-established workflow can have detrimental effects on productivity and efficiency. Complex interfaces, steep learning curves, and compatibility issues can hinder team collaboration and impede progress. For professionals looking to increase speed to insight through digital transformation, the risks associated with choosing the wrong technology are real.

To mitigate these risks, technology should be evaluated based on its ability to realize higher adoption rates throughout cross-functional teams. In the case of insights technology, a great example is the sharing of data between qualitative and quantitative teams. While most studies are now using both methodologies, few systems have the capacity to analyze outputs from both types of studies quickly. Instead, important data is locked in disparate software, and data storage locations – somewhere only certain teams have knowledge of the availability of the assets.

Disruptive technology asks users to change their existing workflow and look for data in multiple systems. Working digitally means people can quickly understand a Google-like experience and want to keep their workflows intact while being able to access existing data without also taking on a huge cognitive load of learning multiple systems which don’t integrate. While insights professionals may have the best intentions, but significant roadblocks to accessing data cannot always be overcome due to a lack of time and effort. In the end, if technology is not making it easy for people to access data assets, those are typically going to go to waste. 

The Benefits of Additive Technology

To drive your team’s success, it is essential to select technology solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows. Additive technology offers numerous benefits, including increased productivity, streamlined data handling, and improved collaboration. By incorporating technology that complements your team’s processes, you empower them to work more efficiently and achieve exceptional results.

For insight teams, marketing leaders and businesses looking for a competitive advantage, the additive nature of being able to continually query past data is a game changer. Instead of running a new study for an emerging business question, KnowledgeHound’s technology running on top of all disparate data sources means that past data can be cross-tabbed by different ages, genders and more to uncover new stories and insights for meaningful decisions today. When teams invest in additive technology, it means they get more out of their existing data sets and save time and money not fielding new studies for data they already have in raw format. 

Choosing Technology that Fits

Enterprise technology buyers understand the significance of choosing technology that aligns with teams’ needs. Compatibility with existing systems, ease of use, scalability, and integration capabilities are critical evaluation criteria.

Success Story: Whirlpool

The Challenge: A regionally fragmented system for qualitative and quantitative data collection and Whirlpool’s consumer insights team conducted research based on regions, creating challenges in accessing and utilizing information efficiently.

The Traditional Approach: They initially attempted to centralize and share research files using Google Drive. Unfortunately, this approach proved inadequate as various file formats, including raw survey data and videos, were incompatible and caused functionality issues within the platform. The traditional approach hindered their ability to unlock the full potential of their research data. 

The Innovative Approach: They recognized the importance of not just sharing reports but also enabling access to the underlying survey data behind the data visualization from each research project. They needed a technology platform that seamlessly integrated and consolidated research data into a user-friendly interface.

The Wins: 

Comprehensive Integration

Comprehensive Integration: Successful collaboration requires a technology solution that seamlessly integrates data from various sources, ensuring compatibility and accessibility.


User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface: An intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows business partners to navigate and retrieve insights effortlessly with ai chat functionality.


Inclusive Data Access Inclusive Data Access: Enabling access to underlying survey data and past presentations empowers teams to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions.


Streamlined Research ProcessesStreamlined Research Processes: Implementing a centralized solution streamlines research processes, reduces duplication of efforts, and enhances overall efficiency.


Before implementing new technology for insights, a few powerful questions to ask your team include: 

  • Will this technology break down silos across our knowledge ecosystem? 
  • How quickly can we onboard a significant number of users? 
  • How easy will it be for non-researchers on our team to access meaningful data? 
  • Will this technology allow us to access data even if we want to query the data and change the original survey’s meaning or purpose?

Within a significantly small onboarding window, the Whirlpool team was able to accomplish this rate of adoption which speaks volumes to the additive nature of KnowledgeHound to a team’s workflows. 

600 Registered Users50% repeat usage250 Monthly Searches


As a sophisticated enterprise buyer committed to enhancing efficiency, you recognize the paramount importance of leveraging technology to optimize workflows. By choosing additive technology that seamlessly integrates into existing processes, you unlock the potential for increased productivity, streamlined data handling, and improved collaboration. Your strategic decisions and dedication to finding innovative solutions drive positive change within your organization. By partnering with forward-thinking technology providers like KnowledgeHound, you can maximize efficiency, unlock new value, and achieve remarkable results for your team and the entire enterprise. Contact us for a meaningful conversation. 


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