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How a Data Democratization Strategy Saves Time and Money

By January 30, 2024No Comments
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With consumer insights teams desperate to achieve speed to insights, many look to technology for the answer. But technology can also add layers of confusion. Data that gets locked into different formats and different places doesn’t always create the intended solution. But what if technology could bring disparate systems together, unlocking access to data and making it easy to share the found insights around your organization? 

The technology behind KnowledgeHound makes data democratization possible. It streamlines workflows and easily accesses your most crucial asset – first-party consumer data. But how does it work, and how do you change team behavior from constantly re-fielding prescriptive surveys to looking for answers in the research data you already own?

Listen to this conversation with Laura Baker, Chief Executive Hound at KnowledgeHound and Little Bird Marketing’s Priscilla McKinney. They break this down from many angles, including data uploads, workflow processes, gleaning key insights, team sharing and more. From collecting as many insights as possible to discovering the nuggets of wisdom in data, Laura has seen the evolution of the data industry firsthand. And in the pursuit of getting more meaning from data, powerful AI-driven data analysis tools make all the difference.

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She explains how consumer insights and business growth professionals suffer from mismanagement of survey data. While first-party survey data is probably your most valuable asset, you may not know how to find the insights you’re looking for! With multiple systems housing both structured and unstructured data, what is needed is a tool that can aggregate and query the existing data for answers. Sophisticated systems like KnowledgeHound can even allow your teams to ask NEW questions about data that has already been collected. Talk about cost savings!

The result of this digital transformation of consumer research and insights will be a data democratization strategy that champions ease of access to data and better stewardship of existing research data. AI data analysis tools like KnowledgeHound mean that you can quickly find, mine, and refine the data you already have for deeper insights within seconds.

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