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How One Of The World’s Largest Companies Is Using ResTech To Fuel Growth In E-commerce

By March 15, 2023July 14th, 2023No Comments


Challenge:  The e-commerce team in one of the world’s largest companies in industrial and consumer products wanted to quickly view trended data and customized cuts of data from their trackers. They needed to gather insights and build specific reports across 10+ countries. There was no way to easily access nor conduct custom analysis of the data that they needed to. This would be a massive undertaking. 

The Solution:  Using KnowledgeHound’s analysis capabilities,  the team was able to trend data wave-over-wave, build custom nets, filter to isolate specific bases, and crosstab questions against one another in minutes, not days or weeks. They were easily able to curate a templated deck that is now easily replicated for various markets in just a few clicks. They can now also quickly build country-specific stories in under 30 minutes and can easily provide hyper-customized views of the data on the fly.

The Results:   Massive time savings was realized by the team which allowed them to focus on more of the strategic work that ultimately drives growth in one of their fastest-growing channels and less time spent on data preparation and analysis. 

Client Quotes:  “Working with you guys is saving an immeasurable amount of work and time.” – Insights Manager

“I also love that I can be in a meeting where someone asks a question, and I can have an answer in five minutes instead of a week.” -Consumer Insights Manager