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Webinar Replay: How To Maximize Your Research Investments In 2023

By October 17, 2022October 15th, 2023No Comments
How To Maximize Your Research Investments In 2023

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Insights are increasingly essential to business growth. But in the current fluctuating macroeconomic climate, insights teams are often asked to do more with less. How can insights leaders achieve more with their existing research investments without slowing their pace of innovation? Here are 5 simple strategies insights leaders can deploy to maximize their research investments in 2023: 

  1. Free The Data: Mine rich data sets buried in costly research projects to extract exponentially more value beyond the initial deliverable. Hotbeds of consumer insight richness can be found in key foundational studies such as brand health trackers, demand & shopper landscapes, segmentations, attitude & usage studies, H&Ps, etc.  This enables you to reduce duplicative research, discover fresh insights, start smarter when launching new research, and arming customer-facing teams with the data needed to grow the business.
  2. Scale Insights Function: Strengthen the reach and the voice of insights inside your organization. Launch a fully centralized insights management experience that speeds the pace of business growth and keeps meaningful organizational knowledge alive, relevant, and in use over time.
  3. Integrate Technology Partners To Win: Connect and combine forces with your partners to create powerful insights ecosystems leveraging technology and API integrations. Allow your data to flow in near real-time, where you want it, whenever you need it.
  4. Automation To Drive Activation: What we know is half the battle, what we do with it, is where the real magic happens. In the world of research and insights, driving action inside an organization can be tough. Leverage technology to help launch new research initiatives in your organization in a big way.
  5. Get the Research Technology Stack Correct: Having the right Research Technology stack matters. Specialist tools built to handle consumer research matters. For example, there are tons of amazing BI solutions out there for supply chain data, and finance data, but consumer survey research must be handled delicately with precision and care. Putting the right fuel in the right engine will ensure optimal performance.