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KnowledgeHound and Lucy Partner to Offer the Next Generation Knowledge Portal

By December 10, 2019July 14th, 2023No Comments
KH lucy

KnowledgeHound is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Lucy’s AI-Powered Knowledge Management Platform. Together, KnowledgeHound and Lucy’s integrated solutions for analyzing text and data, respectively, will enable enterprises to better unlock the incredible potential that is often buried in their customer and market research.

With Lucy’s ability to instantly search across text documents like PPT, PDF, etc. and KnowledgeHound’s ability to dive beyond these documents and into the data files like SPSS, CSV, etc.— companies can say goodbye to the dark days of drowning in banner books, hundreds of slide decks, and back and fourths with vendors for new cuts of research.

In this new joint arrangement, access to the search, visualization, and socialization of all marketing data is unified and available to users within the Lucy portal. According to Deloitte’s 2019 Becoming an Insight-Driven Organization survey, 63% of executives claimed that their organizations are not insight-driven. When asked to identify where they fall on the Insight-Driven Organization Maturity Scale between one (not insight-driven) and five (analytical competitors), over half of those surveyed ranked themselves in the bottom two categories. By eliminating information silos and making it incredibly easy to transform their data into decisions, Lucy and KnowledgeHound seek to change the tables and make every enterprise insight-driven.

‍For more information on the partnership, check out the official press release.