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KnowledgeHound Search API-Open the Door to your Data

By January 25, 2019July 14th, 2023No Comments
Search API

Introducing Our Search API

At KnowledgeHound our mission is to democratize data. We do that by transforming your static research reports into dynamic survey data that anyone in your organization can easily explore. Our intuitive search and analytics engine makes it possible to search for any survey question you’ve ever asked to find answers and build stories straight from your data.

KnowledgeHound recently released its Search API, opening the doors to organizations who want to include our survey-level search results in their existing proprietary tools or knowledge management systems. Partners can integrate the KnowledgeHound search results into their products through integration of this API and expand the scope of discoverable insights for their customers.

The KnowledgeHound Search API is a powerful tool that builds on the search technology used in our own web based product and makes search more broadly available – one step closer to our mission of democratizing data!

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For more information about this API contact our sales team.