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Spend Less Time Analyzing and More Time Applying Survey Data

By June 30, 2020July 14th, 2023No Comments
How to analyse survey data

For most market research teams, data analysis always seems to take too much time. If it’s not the analysis itself, it’s the hassle of pulling data.

Every day, your market researchers tackle new questions. Each inquiry sends them off to track down the data they need and then clean it up before they begin any data analysis. However your company is organized, the time it takes to locate and analyze data is likely the source of regular delays.

Data-driven insights steer business decisions every day. Your research team looks for ways to help answer questions about products and the market as efficiently as they can every day because they understand the importance of timely implementation.

In the constant quest to deliver market insights faster, a data discovery platform can help your market insights team cut down the amount of time they spend locating and analyzing data, better positioning your organization to test and iterate on new strategies faster.

Data Analysis Doesn’t Have to Take Forever

We believe that if you have a question, you should be able to get an answer without moving a mountain to uncover it. While data insights are powerful and valuable, they shouldn’t be buried in silos or workbooks of unsorted data.


With the help of semantic search and a customizable dashboard for each survey, your market research team can list key takeaways and highlight the biggest lessons you’ve learned. With the aid of visualizations, these dashboards can provide your company with high level insights for anyone to browse.


If you have teams within your organization that run the same report every week or month, these types of dashboards are an excellent way to cut down on repeated queries. While we don’t think that reliance on the prebaked dashboards of a few top data analysts is healthy for any company, we understand how powerful this tool can be when you’re looking for a way to enable teams to move from data to insights to action on a regular cadence.


A data discovery tool should empower analysts to pull insights quickly and give them the tools to empower other teams to locate the answers they’re looking for directly.

Accessibility Matters: Help Your Team Get the Data They Need to Unlock Insights

One of our favorite features of KnowledgeHound’s data discovery portal is that it doesn’t just allow users to integrate with third-party survey providers. It also allows your team to attach relevant documents or decks to the studies you import. This means that whether someone is looking for raw data or the final presentation, it can all be found in the same place.

An easily searchable data discovery platform should make it easy to locate the answers you’re looking for without digging through the archived drive of an employee that departed two years ago. To be truly effective, this software must help market researchers and other stakeholders surface foundational knowledge faster.

No Need to Code with Semantic Search

Learning R or mastering a variant of SQL can be powerful when it’s time to analyze raw data, but coding shouldn’t be part of your team’s everyday slog. With access to a semantic search tool. there’s no need to learn a new language or figure out how to clean up your data. By asking a question in natural langage, your foundational research data can be easily combed for answers.


Semantic search tools also make it easy to democratize your data within your company. With well labeled data and the help of your KnowledgeHound support team, your market insights will be easily searchable without the gymnastics of data analysis. That means that if other marketers or an executive group wants to parse a survey for themselves, data analysis skills won’t be a barrier. But your data discovery platform will be an invaluable asset.

Move from Questions to Answers Faster with Data Discovery

Data discovery isn’t just about uncovering insights from data you didn’t know you had. It’s about locating the insights within the greater knowledge base your organization has been developing over the past few quarters and years.


The right data discovery tool will empower your team to move from questions to answers faster. With user-friendly access controls, flexible dashboards, and easy to design visualizations your market insights team can transform data into actionable insights quickly. Efficient data analysis leads to better business decisions, and the results can be transformational.