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The Rising Role of MarTech Webinar – Replay

By June 2, 2022July 14th, 2023No Comments

Did you miss our rock star panel last week with industry leaders from Unilever, KraftHeinz, and NBCUniversal hosted by the one and only Katy Yates?  Good news:  you can watch it on replay now.

Spoiler alert:  Don’t be a Zebra (zero evidence but really arrogant).   See all of our 10 webinar key takeaways below.

About this webinar

Watch this replay of the KnowledgeHound webinar with an all-star panel of insights leaders where we discuss the democratization of consumer data and the rising role of technology. Now more than ever before, brands are reaching for technology solutions to solve age-old business challenges. Technology enables brands to truly put the consumer at the heart of all decision-making, to do more with less, and to evolve new ways of working accelerated by the pandemic.


Top 10 Webinar Key Takeaways :

  1. Expectations of insights roles continue to grow.  Insights professionals must come armed with POVs and recommendations for the business to keep a seat at the table.
  2. Future consumer insights roles need to be less transactional and more transformational by socializing knowledge base from data sources and company successes. Enter technology solutions.
  3. Insights teams should not be the gatekeepers, but instead, be the people who open the floodgates for everyone to know consumers like their best friends.
  4. Consumer research is more important than ever.  You must build muscle memory at the “gym” with your research.  Do your reps to truly be reflexive, get stronger, and make better decisions.
  5. Don’t be a Zebra (zero evidence but really arrogant).  Find ways to use the data and evidence you have spent money on to validate any arrogance with decision-making.  Long term, you will effectively make your gut a data source.
  6. Technology and digital solutions have a big role to play in insights. There are massive benefits as far as agility, cost-savings, and the ability to uncover fresh, new insights.
  7. Mar-Tech and Res-Tech tools enable you to do more with less energy by democratizing data and speeding up the time from survey to insight.  This ultimately allows you to comfortably sacrifice the need for perfection.
  8. Everyone within the company must understand the business, various business units, and customers.  Let technology help break down silos that hinder sharing and understanding this critical information.
  9. Mar-tech allows individuals to better strategize, connect dots, and create proactive action plans, rather than staying stuck in a reactionary mode.
  10. To drive the best success from any new tools, find early adopters to sell in mar-tech with actual success examples by trojan horsing it and using the sandwich approach.