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Custom Weight Variables in 1 Click for Accurate Data Analysis

By March 28, 2023July 14th, 2023No Comments
custom weight variables

The fast-paced environment we navigate today puts an unprecedented demand on insights professionals to deliver timely, actionable insights that can shape strategic decisions from data analysis. At KnowledgeHound, we know the intensity of these challenges – we were born out of the necessity to address them. As insights professionals ourselves, we understand the paramount importance of having total confidence in your data. When quantitative data needs layers of work just to be properly managed before analysis can start, either the time to insight or the quality of insight can suffer. Instead, we offer data analysis tools built for the real world to help you gain speed to meaningful insight. 


One feature within the KnowledgeHound system that provides game-changing market research analysis at the speed of business is our dynamic weighting capabilities feature. It’s just another way our powerful platform empowers faster, more confident decision-making. 


Taking Confidence to the Next Level: Real-Time Weighting Adjustments

On a less advanced data analytics platform, adjusting weighting during analysis was a significant hurdle that could slow down decision-making processes and potentially hinder confidence in insights derived from data. To address this, we have launched a new feature that allows our customers to adjust weighting in real-time during their analysis.

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Using Custom Weight Variables: Your Key to Precise Data Representation

Alongside real-time weighting adjustments, we’ve introduced a simple yet powerful tool – the ability to set up a custom weight variable yourself. This feature ensures that you and your colleagues can accurately represent your data, boosting your confidence in the analysis and the insights you draw from it. We’ve designed it to be user-friendly and foolproof, meaning you can set up these variables swiftly, even in a time crunch.

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Solutions that Match the Pace of Your Industry

We know you’re under pressure to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry, to ensure you’re using market research investments efficiently, and to be more tech-forward. Our new data weighting and representation features were developed with these needs in mind. By minimizing time spent on technicalities, our powerful technology empowers you to be proactive rather than reactive to your clients’ needs. These tools, coupled with our knowledge management integration capabilities, enable you to focus on delivering actionable insights that keep you at the forefront of your industry.


The KnowledgeHound Advantage: Maximizing Your Data’s Lifetime Value

At KnowledgeHound, we’re all about transforming your structured data into actionable insights quickly. Our search-based survey management solution and analytics engine are relied upon by Fortune 500 companies who want to extract more from their existing survey research. Every day we work toward maximizing the impact and lifetime value of your most expensive and often hard-to-leverage consumer data. 


Our promise is to keep advancing, innovating, and introducing features that make your data more accurate, accessible, and insightful. Because when you have confidence in your data, you can make decisions that truly propel your business forward. So, welcome to the era of custom weight variables and real-time analysis – where data accuracy meets decision-making speed. We’d love to let you take it for a spin, so book a demo here at your convenience and see what all the fuss is about.