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Upfront and Often: How Ad Sales Teams are using KnowledgeHound to Drive Business

By April 19, 2022July 14th, 2023No Comments

As the race for consumer attention heats up, advertisers must optimize their media plans to reach the right consumers in this $60 billion dollar TV ad business. According to Forbes, “Brands, agencies and publishers face increasing demands to drive efficiency, make smarter decisions and find, reach and engage new customers that help their businesses grow.”  

Top ad sales and ad sales research teams are consulting their customers on decisions that have the trajectory to change the course of billion-dollar brands. Putting consumers at the center of those decisions is now not merely a data point,  it’s a table stake. 

During critical times of the year like upfronts, account planning, or strategic planning,  ad sales and ad sales research teams are increasingly relying on KnowledgeHound to help them surface and sell with consumer data. 

Here is how ad sales at the largest media companies in the world use KnowledgeHound to drive business: 

  • Quickly visualize campaign effectiveness or lift on particular brands
  • Analyze how advertisers perform on key measures and further interrogate the data by key demographic or buying groups
  • Assess how advertising around key events, on specific content/ platforms affects brand partners’ lift and dive in by key demographics 
  • Benchmark brands against each other to tell a story
  • Inform and inspire ad creation, sponsorship ideas or opportunities
  • Maximize shelf life of research to support current and prospective customers
  • Empower more internal stakeholders to be self-serve 
  • Build and socialize stories in native PowerPoint to key stakeholders

What Are Our Ad Sales Clients Are Saying

“It is such a time saver to be able to jump into KnowledgeHound, find past research we’ve done and be able to build stories across multiple studies for our customer presentations.” 

“The intuitiveness and usability of KnowledgeHound is light years ahead. Data manipulation is so much easier than any alternative.”

Want to learn more about how Knowledge can help you and your team during the TV Upfronts?  Give us a shout today to set up a free demo. 

By: Katy Yates, VP of Client & Channel Strategy