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Why You Need Search-Driven Analytics?

By November 30, 2022July 14th, 2023No Comments
Search-Driven Analytics

As the world’s only search-driven survey data analysis solution, Knowledgehound enables Fortune 500 companies to unlock the potential hidden in their survey research.  We exist to help uncover and amplify the critical insights that drive greater audiences, happier customers, and the wins over your competitors that insights teams exist to create.

Below are a few of the ways we most commonly help our clients:

1. There’s not enough time in the day

Fear not, KnowledgeHound helps teams reduce the time spent analyzing data by up to 75%.  Study up on our $1B pharma client case study.

2. My data is going to waste

We know that all too well… maybe we can help! It’s likely because most of your data is inaccessible to your key stakeholders. Check out this success story on how Fandango transformed into insights explorers.

3.  I can’t find the answers I need

Oh no! Help is on the way.   🏃KnowledgeHound layers the power of search onto an analytics platform built specifically for your survey research. Learn more about how search-driven analytics can unlock powerful outcomes for your business here.

Whether you’re often stuck in Excel building custom tables for a marketing colleague or spending hours crafting a Powerpoint presentation or even answering calls from your agency partners around target messaging, KnowledgeHound makes it insanely easy to find the right insight at the right time to make you look like the rockstar that you are!

Built to ingest, house, and analyze all kinds of respondent-level data, KnowledgeHound is the platform of choice for insights teams that have mountains of consumer data, but need to move quickly when answering critical business questions. Simply connect your favorite DIY survey tools to your account or have your vendor send us your data files, and off to the races you go!

“I immediately saw KnowledgeHound and thought it would make my own life 1000x easier. This stuff takes me hours, days and weeks. It’s a solution that would also help improve synergies across teams. I like the ease-of-use, the interface is very visually appealing and easy to understand. ” – New International CPG Client

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