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How to Make Search-Driven Analytics Work for You

By September 22, 2023January 3rd, 2024No Comments
A search bar in the KnowledgeHound platform with the text "why I need search-driven analytics" and the selected Top Results tab

As the world’s only search-driven survey analysis tool, KnowledgeHound enables Fortune 500 companies to unlock the potential hidden in their survey research by uncovering critical insights that drive greater audiences, happier customers, and wins over their competitors. We do this efficiently because our platform uses search-driven analytics to shave days and even weeks off of the process of sifting through mountains of data to find actual insight!  

We work with insight teams who are looking for more efficient ways to use your valuable data. They want to save time. In fact, two things we often hear is that they fear they are wasting time and wasting the data.  Here’s what these two conversations actually sound like:

“There’s not enough time in the day!”

Did you know that KnowledgeHound helps teams reduce the time spent analyzing data by up to 75%?   See how we helped one pharma company reduce data mining times from one month to one week in this UX research case study! 

For some issues, the time may even be cut to minutes instead of days! The truth is that because KnowledgeHound search-driven analytics can review structured and unstructured data alike, all of your existing first-party survey data becomes immediately searchable. So whether you’re looking for a big win as described in the case study, or you simply want to query the data you already have with a new question, the answers are quite literally, at your fingertips!

“Our data is going to waste!”

When you can’t get the right data to the right person in the necessary timeframe, the insights function seems pointless. Instead, true data democratization means all stakeholders should be able to view and request data instantaneously, and with KnowledgeHound, they can!

See for yourself how Fandango gave stakeholders real-time insights using KnowledgeHound’s Qualtrics integration.

“I can’t find the answers I need!”

Different vendors and partners are needed for different insight projects. That’s fine until you realize the answers you’re looking for are in disparate systems and legacy drives and many teams either don’t even know they exist, or they don’t know how to access them. Once they are found, the last piece of the puzzle is adding the valuable layer of analysis to deliver meaningful insights to the key stakeholders. 

KnowledgeHound makes survey analysis a breeze. In fact, search-driven analytics insights garnered by KnowledgeHound ushered in a complete product roadmap overhaul for this $1.4 billion product line.  The value of the quality of analysis possible with KnowledgeHound has delivered for many companies over the years and we’d love to deliver for you!


Why use data analysis tools for better survey analysis?

Whether you’re crafting a PowerPoint presentation or answering calls from your agency partners or key stakeholders, KnowledgeHound makes it insanely easy to find the right insight at the right time. Get ready to be recognized as the insights the rockstar you truly are!

Built to ingest, house, and analyze respondent-level data, KnowledgeHound is the platform of choice for insights teams with mountains of consumer data who need to move quickly to answer critical business questions. We are a powerful survey data management tool taking care of your most valuable asset – your existing first-party consumer information. 

So, how does it work? Simply connect your favorite DIY survey tools or send us your data files. We’ll take care of the rest.

“I saw KnowledgeHound and thought it would make my own life 1000x easier. This stuff used to take me hours, days and weeks. Now I'm finding answers in minutes and it’s a solution improving our communication across teams. I love the ease-of-use as the interface is very visually appealing and easy to understand.”

New International CPG Client

"Our first-party survey data is like gold to us. But new questions emerge over time and instead of having to pay for new surveys, we use KnowledgeHound to re-query our existing data and find answers in minutes. This has seriously provided a competitive advantage and helped us be better stewards of our already collected data."

Leading Cosmetics Maufacturer