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Case Study

How Danone Changed The Direction Of A $1.4 Billion Line

By May 5, 2022May 31st, 2022No Comments
How Danone Changed The Direction

Situation:  Danone was on the verge of deploying a handful of category-level A&U studies that contained a wealth of data related to their consumer’s habits and practices. They felt the traditional method of sharing results via large Powerpoint decks would not be enough to ensure the data behind this foundational research was leveraged in day-to-day decision-making.  

Results:  By opening up the data behind their research for exploration in KnowledgeHound, the team was able to discover new insights that weren’t included in the final reports. This deeper level of exploration led to the discovery of a completely new insight that impacted the future direction of a $1.4 billion product line.

Client Testimonial:  “In a couple of hours, I discovered a new insight that I shared with our innovation team. They are now adjusting their product roadmap.”