The challenge: How do we broadcast the customer voice out to every stakeholder?

If you ask any insights professional what they believe the key to success is for their company, they’re likely to respond with a customer-centric answer. Shannan Davis, Customer Insights Manager at TELUS would agree. From the beginning of her career at TELUS in their call center, responding to customer inquiries, to where she is now on the Insights Team, activating the voice of the customer throughout the organization – it’s safe to say that Shannan is customer-obsessed.

Bringing the voice of the customer into an organization as large as TELUS is no easy task. With thousands of employees, stakeholders across the business and a seriously high demand from the Insights Team, the team needed to find a way to better share their work broadly across the organization, and to empower their stakeholders by putting the data right into their hands.

The solution: Creating an organization of self-service 

When TELUS set out to find a solution that would enable them to easily and quickly socialize all of their customer information throughout the entire company, they had a few key requirements. With the ambitious goal of bringing an entire organization into the know, it was of the utmost importance that the tool they brought on had SSO capabilities.

In order to allow the Insights Team to focus their time on what they do best, TELUS also needed a tool that enabled their stakeholders to access raw data and slice and dice it according to their needs, all within a controlled environment where the data could be manipulated but never altered. An insights repository of existing findings would not be enough. They needed to empower stakeholders to be self-serving with the data to generate new insights unique to their individual needs. And they needed a user-friendly platform that enabled their stakeholders to do this without possessing a research background.

Finally, the TELUS team needed a partner who understood research. A standard knowledge management platform wouldn’t cut it because they A) needed to dive into data rather than simply search across reports. They also B) needed search capabilities that took a market research approach in mind and considered the needs of a market research function. And C) they needed a partner, not a vendor, who was able to work directly with their suppliers to ensure data was uploaded timely and correctly.

The results: Bringing the customer into every conversation through the power of socialization

They selected KnowledgeHound for its unique ability to aggregate their respondent level data and layer search and visualization on top of it so their business partners could quickly as easily find the answers that they needed to drive business decisions.

Now, stakeholders are able to find the customer data that they need, when they need it. The Insights Team is able to focus their time on creating more data and more insights.

Ultimately, KnowledgeHound’s self-service enables every level of the organization to develop a better understanding of their customers and the intuitiveness of the tool enables Insights folks to gather more customer information with the time they’re saving on performing searches. KnowledgeHound supports TELUS’ company objective of being customer-centered.


Key Takeaways

  • The ability to visualize answers from survey data was key to creating a more insights driven culture
  • KnowledgeHound’s enterprise security and control features gave Telus confidence the tool was right for an organization of their size
  • Deploying KnowledgeHound gave the insights team more time back to focus on strategic work vs. data pulling.

By the Numbers

  • 500+ registered users
  • 43% repeat rate across active users
  • 150+ average monthly searches conducted
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“I love that my customer success manager is always strategizing ways to improve adoption with me and ensure we get the very most out of the platform”