The Data Discovery Solution Made for Gaining Practical & Substantive Insight

Survey data holds the key to your target market’s motivations and attitudes and researchers need a data discovery solution that makes unpacking that data simple. KnowledgeHound allows researchers to find form and function in raw survey data and place customers at the forefront of their decision-making.

Knowledge Hound Data Discovery App

A Data Exploration Tool for the Modern Researcher

Whether your data discovery includes insight from 30 individuals or 30,000, KnowledgeHound’s data exploration tool provides a superior discovery experience for anyone on your marketing team. We mean researchers and non-researchers alike.

Parse through valuable raw survey data in your data pool and compile answers from your target market in approachable analytics. It is so simple because KnowledgeHound makes data discovery as easy as searching on a trusted search engine. Simply type a query into the search bar and KnowledgeHound will parse through thousands of data cuts to bring you the answers you’re looking for.

Never leave valuable data on the table again and bring survey data visualization to everyone on your team!

Our Data Discovery Solution Will Maximize The Value of Your Survey Data

When data is easily accessible to all, its value continues to be appreciated. Integrating KnowledgeHound with knowledge management and survey tools means you’ll never lose access to previous survey data, extending the shelf life of archived reports and existing data sets.

We’ve helped countless Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies gain useful insight from the studies already in their arsenal. That’s because KnowledgeHound’s intelligent AI and dynamic dashboard continually adapts to your analysis needs. Whether your team is re-discovering existing studies or interpreting new data, data exploration with KnowledgeHound always enables new discoveries.

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Explore Your Survey Data in One Place

We think it’s important that your most valuable survey data is discoverable all in one place. That’s why we’ve successfully annotated over 2.5 million questions and 6,500 surveys to create an effective search-and-find approach to data discovery. Insights teams can work smarter and more efficiently, freeing up time to create, brainstorm, and collaborate on current and future initiatives.

KnowledgeHound’s flexible data exploration tool makes it possible to create custom response nets and group answers all within our searchable platform. Conduct granular comparisons and make connections across disparate data sources. KnowledgeHound’s cutting edge search and data discovery attributes make your survey data organized and digestible, allowing you to get the most out of your research.

As the only search-based consumer insights data analysis and discovery tool on the market, take advantage of KnowledgeHound’s ease and simplicity in UX as well as an easily-legible data report format. By transforming consumer data from a wide swath of numbers in no discernible format into actionable insights and an easy-to-read analysis, KnowledgeHound sets your business and consumers up for success.

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Bring your brand closer to your customers

In 2020, one of our clients uncovered data from a study conducted in 2017 that they didn’t even know existed. With the ability to combine multiple questions and manipulate data on the fly, they developed a new packaging innovation to satisfy an unmet consumer need in the market.

Using KnowlegeHound, they saved money and increased their speed to market.

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