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Your company has performed countless studies over time, but do you even know what data already exists? KnowledgeHound uncovers nuggets of valuable data and transforms it into an approachable source of insights that can be searched through and analyzed in seconds.

Knowledge Hound Data Discovery App

disparate survey sets

The bigger your data lake, the more powerful our solution becomes. Organize, unify and explore all your research data from various studies and sources in one place to create powerful dashboards and stories.

No data left behind

Your existing survey data holds tremendous value if you know how to access and use it. Over 75% of possible data cuts from survey projects never make it into a final report. That’s ¾ of powerful consumer and survey data analysis left on the table thanks to difficulties uncovering past research projects.

Bring your brand closer to your customers

In 2020, one of our clients uncovered data from a study conducted in 2017 that they didn’t even know existed. With the ability to combine multiple questions and manipulate data on the fly, they developed a new packaging innovation to satisfy an unmet consumer need in the market.

Using KnowlegeHound, they saved money and increased their speed to market.

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