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5 Simple Strategies to Maximize Your Market Research Investment

By October 15, 2023October 18th, 2023No Comments
ai chat to improve data analysis

When it comes to delivering meaningful insights for significant brand impact, many teams face significant challenges getting to the data they already own. Teams can get bogged down in the details of factor analysis, trying to extract the right data from research databases, applying data visualization tools and so much more. These same teams are being asked to do more with less – even when the quantitative data analysis requires them to sort through data stored in disparate systems. 

Instead, insights teams need efficiency with data analysis platforms that harness the power of AI chat for real data analysis – no matter where the data is stored. What teams need is a data analytics platform that moves at the speed of business. 

Here are 5 simple strategies insights leaders can deploy to maximize their market research investment: 

Free the data. 
Uncover hidden treasures within expensive research endeavors, extracting significantly more value beyond their initial outcomes. Valuable consumer insights often lie dormant within fundamental studies like brand health trackers, demand and shopper landscapes, segmentations, attitude and usage studies, and more. This empowers you to reduce redundant research efforts, uncover novel insights, commence new research initiatives with greater intelligence, and equip customer-facing teams with the critical data necessary to drive business growth.

Scale the Insights function.
Elevate the impact of insights within your organization and scale your insights function with KnowledgeHound’s powerful market research technology. We connect and consolidate data from various sources to provide actionable knowledge swiftly, centralizing insights management for accelerated business growth. By preserving organizational knowledge in a relevant and accessible manner, our platform ensures that insights remain a dynamic asset, empowering customer-centric decision-making and enabling rapid responses to market changes and trends. Transform how you approach insights and unlock your brands’ full potential by making meaningful knowledge accessible and actionable for your entire organization.

Integrate technology partners for the win.
Forge strategic alliances with technology partners to establish dynamic insights ecosystems through the utilization of technology and seamless API integrations. Enable the seamless flow of your data in near real-time, precisely where and when it’s required, ensuring a competitive advantage and operational excellence.

Use automation to drive activation.
In the realm of research and insights, understanding is only part of the equation; the true transformation occurs in how we apply that understanding. Activating insights within an organization can be a formidable challenge. Harness the power of automation to catalyze significant advancements in launching new research initiatives, igniting actionable change across your organization.

Get your research tech right.
The significance of assembling an appropriate Research Technology (ResTech) stack cannot be overstated. It’s imperative to incorporate specialized tools specifically designed to manage consumer research effectively. While various outstanding Business Intelligence solutions excel in handling supply chain and financial data, the intricacies of consumer survey research demand a nuanced and precise approach. Just as matching the right fuel to the correct engine is crucial for optimal performance, aligning the right tools with your consumer research endeavors ensures the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.


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