Using Data Democratization to Drive Business Strategies and Shape Consumer-Facing Decisions

We believe both researchers and non-researchers should be able to access and own their data, insights, and final reports with collaboration and ease. KnowledgeHound makes it simple for users to break down organizational silos and democratize the data so the right people have access to the right data.



Making Survey Database Access Available Across Channels to Alleviate Silos

Countless organizations are quartered and sectioned by different departments and business divisions, creating data accessibility issues and information silos. But we understand the key to decision-making is collaboration.

Using the functionality of KnowledgeHound’s data access tool, teams and shareholders alike can view accurate and identical data, making it easier to create key strategies and decisions for consumers and clients.

Having survey database access available to the right people at the right time instills confidence and trust in the goal of data democratization by maintaining consistency and transparency throughout an organization.

Better Data Democratization and Data Access

We believe consumers should be at the forefront of decision-making. But when consumer data gets wrapped up in red tape, and survey database access is only available to a select few within an organization, insights teams may be missing out on the best marketing solution for their target market.

Don’t let data access issues hold your team back in any step of decision-making process. KnowledgeHound’s easy-to-use survey data analytics platform makes it easy to share data across teams and with the partners who help make the final call on every consumer-facing and internal decision.

The days of waiting for every team in your organization to gain access to data are over. Survey database access should be instant and easy, and KnolwedgeHound’s data democratization capabilities make it possible to place siloed research streams into a unified view for all to access.

See Our Data Access Capabilities in Action

Thanks to the malleable functionality of KnowledgeHound, the guardrails put in place gives your organization peace of mind that whomever needs the data and insights will receive it. Once a free trial has been requested and your organization can see behind the curtain, the flexibility of data democratization will become apparent.

By utilizing KnowledgeHound’s data democratization features such as the intuitive and integrative dashboards, link-based data sharing, edit options for survey text questions and responses, and full data exports, researchers, insights teams, and key decision makers can make business and strategy decisions with confidence, knowing the correct insights are being used.