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How International CPG Client Found Quick Value With KnowledgeHound

By August 9, 2022July 14th, 2023No Comments
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In just a few months after launching with KnowledgeHound, one of the world’s largest CPG clients shared some feedback on how they have realized the value and a return on their investment from the new partnership. 


Here’s what they shared with us:  

  • What was the specific business question or project you were addressing?  We have a huge amount of data gathered from a recent U&A and demand spaces piece of work. As a new member of the team, I needed all the data in one place and flexible to firstly understand the demand spaces myself, and secondly create 1-2 slides on each demand space to bring them to life for an agency.
  • How would you have addressed that business question before KnowledgeHound?  Historically, it would have been a case of briefing the agency at a cost or going through debriefing decks. There were 5 debrief decks – all over 100 slides and very complex. This would have been a hugely time-consuming exercise and I don’t think I would have got to as good an output.
  • How was KnowledgeHound able to help you? Did it save you time? Money? Make your life easier?  It saved me money and/or a huge amount of time. The team was really helpful and supported in getting the data on time and in the right format. It was a huge help and I’m still using it as questions come up in relation to this work and others.


Way to go KnowledgeHound team in driving value with this new customer!