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Introducing KnowledgeHound’s Data Pipeline

By August 17, 2022July 14th, 2023No Comments
data pipeline

Your Data Where You Want It.

With greater concerns over data privacy, marketing in a “cookieless world” means more and more companies are prioritizing first-party data strategies.

According to Deloitte, Recognizing and targeting audiences based on third-party cookies will no longer be possible from 2022. A world without cookies is a challenge for an advertising ecosystem that has been so successful because of widespread data availability. But simultaneously, this challenge presents a huge opportunity for brands that embrace privacy as part of their customer relationships. First-party data, customer trust, and user control will be vital to your future strategy.”

To help future-proof clients’ needs against this changing landscape, and with an increasing amount of our clients creating their own data warehouses, KnowledgeHound is pleased to announce the launch of the KnowledgeHound Data Pipeline, the data pipeline designed to accelerate insight discovery from your consumer market research.

A consumer data pipeline built for your market research data.

We hear from clients that there is no easy way, en masse, to get their structured primary research data into their data lakes, warehouses, or internal destinations. As first-party data is the richest, most valuable data asset an organization owns, the stark reality is that the data is widely underleveraged. Today, this data is just left out of the equation entirely. 

The KnowledgeHound Data Pipeline will allow brands to leverage our APIs to collect, clean, centralize, and connect an enterprise’s survey data to unleash its full potential. Whether brands want to interact with their data inside of KnowledgeHound’s user interface, or pipe their data directly into their own data warehouses or ecosystems, we’re delivering your consumer research data where you want it. 

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Blog post by Katy Yates