Innovate in a Stronger Knowledge Ecosystem

Our proprietary knowledge management integration capabilities allow you to centralize, search, and analyze the data from your preferred survey platforms and research providers. When you strengthen your knowledge ecosystem, you create a stronger network of collaboration.

KnowledgeHound Seamlessly Integrates With Your Knowledge Management Framework

Your company’s knowledge management network is highly valuable. Whether that network includes a third-party survey solution for collecting valuable consumer data, or you manage employee input with an in-house process, your knowledge management ecosystem can drive both consumer-facing decisions and company-wide internal initiatives.

With KnowledgeHound, organizations can integrate our data analytics solution into their existing knowledge management platform. We partner with world-class knowledge management providers Stravito, Lucy, Sharpr, Market Logic, and Northern Light. Review your customer survey data alongside unstructured data so you’re always analyzing with the full context.

Conduct Analysis With Our Search API

Thanks to KnowledgeHound’s embedded data analytics, you can find the answers you are looking for and build the visualizations you want without ever having to leave your knowledge management platform.

KnowledgeHound’s knowledge management integration provides a sea of new possibilities and ways to examine your existing data. KnowledgeHound works in harmony with the platforms you use every day and increases the value of your existing knowledge management tools while layering on some cutting edge features such as:

  • Survey Platform Integrations
  • Search API
  • Embedded Analytics

Check out our list of partners to see how KnowledgeHound can boost the power of your existing data management platforms! Don’t see your preferred platform listed? Let us know and we will discuss the possibilities!

Create a Dynamic Survey Database

KnowledegHound’s analytics experience allows organizations to create a fully dynamic survey database for analysis and cross-analysis housed in one comprehensive UI. With our network of APIs, KnowledgeHound embeds into frameworks like Qualtrics, Toluna, SurveyMonkey, AYTM, and more!

Strengthen your knowledge management ecosystem and gain a new perspective on your consumer data with KnowledgeHound. All of your new and existing research projects are instantly accessible when you embed your knowledge management platforms with our API.

For more information, request a trial today and find out how KnowledgeHound makes survey visualization and discovery fast, efficient, and fruitful.

Unlock revenue driving insights

Our knowledge management integration provides a sea of new possibilities and ways to examine your existing survey data alongside your unstructured data.

Check out our knowledge management partners

KnowledgeHound can embed into your Knowledge Management System to power insights from the data behind your powerpoints documents

We’re plugged in

KnowledgeHound enables you to have one dynamic database of survey data. With our network of integrations, including Qualtrics, Toluna, SurveyMonkey, and AYTM, all of your new and existing research projects are instantly accessible in KnowledgeHound.

Don’t see your DIY survey platform here?
Contact us to learn how we can integrate with your existing technologies.

Are you a developer, supplier, or partner?
Visit and learn about our integration options. From our Universal Data API which enables any authorized partner to stream data into KnowledgeHound to our data indexing webhook which allows data to stream out of KnowledgeHound, we can ensure your data is flowing to where you need it most.

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