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KnowledgeHound Announces New Trial Site

By September 28, 2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments

KnowledgeHound, the world’s only search-based analytics solution for survey data, today announced a free trial site allowing prospective users to experience the power of KnowledgeHound’s unparalleled survey data analysis solution in a self-serve environment.  The new site, KH Insights, allows users to experience KnowledgeHound’s capabilities by analyzing studies on current topics conducted by third party research and insights agencies.

Research Narrative and InnovateMR provided the first flagship data for analysis  in KH Insights, which tackles the topic of personal data privacy, never  more relevant and central in the public eye than now. The study provides a groundbreaking look at Americans’ perspectives around key issues of  data privacy: industry and government use of data, data security, data ethics, data economics, and the future of data regulation – inclusive of  consumers’ expectations of the market research industry.

The Multicultural Insights Collective and its founding member Collaborata added a second comprehensive survey to the KH insights portal as well. Collaborata powers large-scale research projects by bringing together clients to collaborate on large-scale research initiatives. This survey is the pre-study for the multi-phase project, “Words Matter,” a research and professional development initiative to address racial justice and anti-discrimination in business. It examines how professionals and consumers talk about and understand diversity, equity and inclusion, especially in discussing timely social issues. The results provide critical context for understanding consumers’ awareness and opinions of language and terminology when it comes to these issues and current events, and how brands can speak and act authentically and meaningfully as champions of equity.

“We are thrilled to launch KH Insights and support our partners in further bringing their research to life” said Laura Baker, CEO of KnowledgeHound, “We now have a way for research and insights professionals to experience the power of KnowledgeHound first-hand by analyzing the data from these exceptional research agencies in a self serve way. We are confident that once users pressure test the power of our solution through these studies, they will better recognize the impact KnowledgeHound’s technology creates across organizations.

“Collaborata studies are of a particular scale that allow for almost unending client customization,” said Jimmy Zollo, Collaborata CEO. “KnowledgeHound gives our  “Words Matter” clients an invaluable tool to analyze the data through their own unique lens to help guide their own DEI initiatives.”

“We are always looking for ways to generate the greatest possible value out of our research activities, and KnowledgeHound shares our mission to provide a platform where important research initiatives are more accessible and usable to stakeholders over the long-term,” said Kerry Edelstein, President and Founder of Research Narrative Inc. and Co-Founder of the Multicultural Insights Collective. “We’re thrilled to share our research around data privacy and racial equity on their platform. These topics are mission critical to research and the industry at large, and we’re excited that researchers can experience KH Insights while also learning about consumer expectations in data privacy and the language of racial equity.”

To experience KnowledgeHound’s new trial site and explore these two thought-provoking studies, visit

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