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New Product Release – Highlights For Rapid Reports

By November 1, 2022November 9th, 2022No Comments
Rapid Reports

Primary research is expensive. Plus, it takes time and resources to understand the output. Insights professionals need an easy way to make sense of their survey data.

That’s where KnowledgeHound comes in. 

KnowledgeHound, the world’s only search-based analytics solution for survey data, launched its most sought-after product release with Rapid Reports earlier this year. Rapid Reports by KnowledgeHound is designed to fit into your existing workflow whether you need full crosstabs or wish to zoom in on a particular visualization of your data.

“I’ve been with KnowledgeHound since the very beginning with our founder, Kristi Zuhlke. We started this company nine years ago working out of a coffee shop and my Chicago studio,” said Joe Razza, founding team member and VP of product & design. “Working faster and more efficiently than the status quo is one of the biggest opportunities we have as a technology. The Product Team has several clients in beta to ensure this meets the day-to-day needs of your key stakeholders. Rapid Reports can be as simple or sophisticated as you need, depending on what you’re looking to understand. Insights teams can analyze dozens of variables in minutes, which is 10x faster than it would take using previous features.”

Today, after once again tuning our ears to the needs of the industry, we are proud to release Highlights for Rapid Reports. Leveraging our specialty of analyzing and understanding survey data, Highlights creates a simple readout of what our system deems to be notable about a given survey dataset –  automatically.

With Highlights, KnowledgeHound helps its customers save more time, money, and effort than its previous iterations. But don’t think we are stopping here. This ability to surface key insights automatically within Rapid Reports is only the beginning. We, along with our customers, are dreaming up other ways this novel software can serve compelling trends, insights, and data points to inform key business decisions. In other words, our mission is never done; KnowledgeHound will keep creating ways for folks to get the most out of their research.

Reach out to our team today for a free demo of Highlights for RapidReports.

Katy Yates

Vice President, Client & Channel Strategy


Marc Macellaio

Vice President, Sales


About KnowledgeHound
KnowledgeHound is a Chicago-based marketing technology company. Its search-based survey data analysis solution empowers clients to make customer-focused decisions on the fly by maximizing the impact and lifetime value of already expensive and hard-to-leverage survey data. The company is proud to partner with world-class Fortune 500 organizations, transforming and unifying survey data into approachable insights that allow their market research and analytics teams to move at the speed of the business, ensuring their customers stay at the forefront of every business decision while driving efficiencies along the way.