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Product Updates

The ‘Weight’ is Over!

Introducing KnowledgeHound’s NEW dynamic weighting capabilities.  Getting the most out of your survey data is oftentimes a daunting task that is left to a request from your vendor, or one that simply goes undone. Thankfully, modern tools exist to take the guesswork out of survey data analysis. 

At KnowledgeHound, our technology was built by insights professionals to solve the challenges faced when trying to make an impact in today’s fast-paced environments. In other words, we know how critical it is to have confidence in your data! In that spirit, we are now providing our customers with the ability to adjust weighting in real time during analysis. Not only that, but we have also built a foolproof way to set up a custom weight variable yourself to make sure you and your colleagues can accurately represent your data. These new ways of working with data were built to give KnowledgeHound customers more reasons to trust their analyses without second-guessing the output. 

Want to dive deeper into something from the final report? Great, now KnowledgeHound lets you replicate those findings and switch between weights from your original data file as needed.

Want to take a look at things in a completely new way and show others while you’re at it? No problem, it’s easy to set up a fully custom weight variable that can be used on dashboards and shared with others.

So now KnowledgeHound customers have yet another way of standardizing their library of survey data in a single ecosystem. It’s this kind of commitment to data integrity and ease of use that makes KnowledgeHound the premier destination for approachable yet robust survey data analysis. 

And don’t worry! With these types of capabilities, we know data responsibility is paramount. These features are user-friendly and approachable, and they’re built with guardrails that make it difficult to misrepresent or manipulate the data in unintended ways.

Check out these examples below and see for yourself how easy our new weighting features are!