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Search through various studies and instantly analyze, visualize and uncover the meaningful data points needed to inspire your next product or customer-focused innovation or strategy.

Powerful analytics
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Search across survey projects and conduct analysis of potentially game-changing data.

Customize your data visualization instantly with every cut and view at your fingertips.

Approachable and easy – without any advanced training.

Create smart, dynamic charts that enable less time spent on analysis and more time on driving action.

Conduct statistical significance testing or adjust base size with just one click.

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Extract rapid, reliable insights while saving time and money

Business moves fast. You need a solution that moves faster. Don’t waste hours digging through data sets or waiting for vendors to get back to you. Our powerful search-driven data analytics solutions allows you to search all of your survey data across disparate sources in seconds.

Confidently incorporate customer feedback from your quantitative studies, including brand trackers, habit and usage studies, and concept tests in a fraction of the time.

Don’t let good data go to waste

KnowledgeHound extends the lifetime value of your research.

data your way

Slice and dice your respondent level data the way you want to the moment you need it. Combine responses from various survey questions to gain deeper insights into survey respondents’ habits and preferences.

Visualize the data in your preferred chart type; bar, stacked column, line, or spreadsheet.

Democratize your
data worry free

Your insights are meant to be shared, but on your terms. Access controls give you the control to put the right data in the right hands.

Let us help your team uncover insights to inspire your brand’s next big innovation or strategy.

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