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What our clients have to say.

By far the BEST data visualization tool I have used.

ShannonAnalytics & Insights Manager

Saves me anywhere from an hour up to a few days to find the answer I am looking for.

JenniferConsumer Insights Manager

KnowledgeHound has saved us a ton of time… we love it!

LauraSr. Director of Insights

Business moves fast. We move faster.

Business moves fast. You need solutions that moves faster. Don’t waste hours digging through data sets or waiting for vendors to get back to you. Our powerful search-driven data analytics solutions allows you to search all of your survey data across disparate sources in seconds.

Confidently incorporate customer feedback from your quantitative studies, including brand trackers, habit and usage studies, and concept tests in a fraction of the time.


Approachable platform. Searchable questions.

Slice and dice your respondent level data the way you want to,  the moment you need it. Combine responses from various survey questions to gain deeper insights into survey respondents’ habits and preferences.

Conduct survey data analysis in your preferred chart type; bar, stacked column, line, or spreadsheet. KnowledgeHound puts the approachability back into your data.


Attaining data. Uncovering insights.

Through a flexible and dynamic tool, researchers and non-researchers unearth accessible and abundant data. As your data discovery tool, KnowledgeHound is a practical solution providing copious, rich, raw data from your target market.

Review and inspect data in our exploration tool for a thorough analysis that is effectively organized, making way for data teams to work more efficiently.

analyse solution

Transform results. Magnify data.

Reconstruct data to ensure results showcase in a welcoming format. By using KnowledgeHound for your survey data visualization needs, you will have confidence in presenting data initiatives for use in small-scale or large projects.

Our responsive visualization solution allows teams to utilize accessible functionality, leading to making revolutionized decisions for target market consumers

Data Democratization

Democratize accessibility. Shape strategies.

Break down organizational and team silos by equalizing the accessibility of data. Dynamic dashboards and an intuitive interface allow for users to fulfill insights reporting and strategy brainstorming as they see fit with our integrative platform.

By using KnowledgeHound and its data democratization capabilities, create and execute strategies with confidence, knowing rich data is driving the decision-making.

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