We Make Survey Data Visualization Approachable and User-Friendly

Give shape to the survey data sitting in data lakes and data warehouses. KnowledgeHound is a dynamic survey data visualization solution that transforms survey data from intricate number sequences into easy-to-read visual tools such as graphs, charts, and tables for simple analysis and presentation.

Data Democratization

Better Survey Data Visualization Leads to More Informed Marketing Decisions

Your existing survey data holds a lot of valuable information. But 75% of possible data cuts from survey projects never make their way to a final report. That’s ¾ of powerful insight left on the table thanks to rigid data organization and difficulties exploring past data-sets.

From small quick-turn initiatives to large-scale usage and attitude studies, you need a data visualization solution that can stand up to your largest survey projects. Enable your team to search through thousands of data sets with a single click and explore your raw survey data. KnowledgeHound’s easy-to-use UI makes data interpretation fast and thorough, so you can spend more time taking action and less time interpreting.

Build comprehensive charts, perform one-click stat-testing, and visualize survey data like never before with multidimensional data organization. KnowledgeHound makes your data easy to work with and approachable for everyone in your organization.

An Industry-Leading Survey Visualization UI

Great data analysis shouldn’t come with a great barrier to entry. KnowledegHound’s data visualization solution comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it possible for researchers and non-researchers alike to analyze raw survey data and come away with valuable insight.

Visualize your survey data by manipulating data-sets into your favored medium like a chart, table, or graph with our smooth and responsive interface. Using KnowledgeHound allows you to save time on data collection and the lengthy data analysis part of any research project.

Whether you’re an integral part of a large research team or you’re the solo researcher at your budding start-up, KnowledgeHound is the most user-friendly and sophisticated data visualization solution.

Strengthen Your Data Ecosystem With Survey Visualization

Your data ecosystem can go farther with KnowledgeHound. With knowledge management partners like Lucy and Northern Light, KnowledgeHound provides a robust survey visualization solution that not only puts consumers at the forefront of your decision-making, it strengthens your overall data analysis capabilities.

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Maximize every project

Our data visualization solution allows researchers to work with survey data like it’s clay, moving variables with smooth drag and drop functionality. You can add, switch, and remove variables seamlessly so you can explore wide and deep.

Visualization Graphics

Survey data visualization, your way

Visualize data in your preferred chart type; bar, stacked column, line or spreadsheet. With just a click, you can flow through each one, creating responsive and fluid visualizations of your market research dashboard.

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